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Golf Shots    

Consider the really easy to do Golf Shots Golf Check-up. 
Sounds more like a Doctor’s appointment … but…  how many of you actually have a simple written review of your golf strengths and weaknesses that you really understand.

It only takes a few minutes - starting at $35
Commit to a Smugglers Glen Golf Shots Insights package where we help you understand your golf motion and easiest areas to improve, your body’s capability including /bio-mechanical factors influencing your swing to deliver a realistic plan for you with specific objectives & timelines.

Coaching Fees   

~  20 minutes with unlimited Range use ... $55
~  50 minute sessions  ... $130
with supervised 5 minute warm up and warm downs)                  
Golf Shots 100% Guaranteed Improvement Plan ... $690
(Six weekly or twice-weekly sessions with on course work included)        
The Golf Check-Up ... Starting at     $35
~ Helping You Understand Posture, Grip and Swing Motion Priorities

Structural Review ... Starting at      $125
~ with Dr Peter Burgess includes Joint Motion with Foot and Gait analysis
Golf Shots Short Game Coaching ... Starting at      $40      
Exclusive  On Course  Coaching   (for four  holes)
~ Private or for Couples ... Starting at      $125
~ Join Your Group ... Starting at       $240
*    All sessions include unlimited practice range use
We have used this unique personalized approach for many years….
helping hundreds of golfers to make a more consistent, manageable and easier to repeat golf swing.   We work hard to ensure you understand and feel this motion, including how best to take your skills onto the course.  This unique combination delivers improved form within your body`s unique functionality even if you face restricted movements.

When you select one of our programs, we set specific objectives with you that make sense sets out a clear path for you to meet your goals.  The results - to give you  the best chance of repeating your new swing motion day after day - month after month – all  with a reduced chance of injury.


Commit…Our Guaranteed Improvement Package …We will help your game… guaranteed… or your golf coaching fees are refunded.

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